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Here is what we can do for you!


  • Free initial Consultation with prospective seller
    • Discuss Seller’s goals and objectives when marketing their land investment
    • Discuss characteristics of land
  • Compile information about the subject property
    • Inspect subject property
    • FSA data
    • Soils Survey/Soil Productivity data
    • Real Estate Valuation and Taxes
    • Income projections
    • Research existing easements/obligations
  • Compile information about comparable sales that have occurred in the area
    • Real Estate Valuation and Taxes
    • Soils Survey/Soil Productivity data
    • Sales Price Received per acre and per tillable acre
    • View comparable sales
    • Complete Market Analysis and use indexes and calculations to determine a recommended sale price
  • Review completed information with landowner and determine listing price


  • Begin Marketing your valuable investment
    • Place “For Sale” sign at the site
    • Make personal contacts about property
    • Advertise in local periodicals and others that are appropriate
    • Advertise on the Internet. Check out our Current Listings
  • We receive and present all offers to you upon receipt
  • We advise you when considering an offer


  • Upon acceptance of an offer we prepare for the closing
    • Assist you in having the abstract of title updated
    • Deliver Abstract to buyer for a title opinion
    • Assist in preparation of closing documents
      • Assist you in preparing Deed
      • Complete certificate of Real Estate Value
      • Complete any well certificate information
  • Conduct the closing of the sale
    • Obtain signatures
    • Obtain secured payments to ensure receipt of funds
    • Deliver deed to buyer to be recorded
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