Our History

Our History

Fairland Management Company and its predecessor, Thompson Lands, has had an office in Windom, Minnesota, since 1922. The company has been assisting landowners in Southwestern Minnesota with the management of farms and the sale of farm real estate for over ninety years.

In 1922, an office known as Thompson Lands was established in Windom for the purpose of managing farms owned by the Thompson family in Southwestern Minnesota. Prior to that time, necessary management services had been provided by agents who traveled annually to the farms by train, auto or horse and buggy from St. Paul, Minnesota.

In the 1920s, much virgin prairie was broken up and vast areas of previously unproductive wetlands were drained and devoted to the production of grain. This necessitated more frequent contact with the farm operators and the land and consequently, the office was opened in Windom.

As early as 1925, Thompson Lands ran experiments on the effect of commercial fertilizer on crop yields and quality of barley. The results were most encouraging. Shortly after, the company started applying fertilizer on alfalfa, a crop also pioneered by the organization.

In 1932, Thompson Lands had become so involved with new crops, seeds, and other crop production materials that it entered the business of handling these supplies on a commercial basis. They pioneered in the production of soybeans (1934 – MUKDEN beans for forage) and the increased use of commercial fertilizer. Thompson Lands was the first retail outlet in the state of Minnesota to sell and promote the use of hybrid seed corn in place of open-pollinated corn. The early use of herbicides was encouraged, as well as the adoption of other agricultural chemicals, which helped make possible the yield increases witnessed over the years.

In 1964, Thompson Lands was incorporated, and the name was changed to Fairland Management Company. Emphasis was put on the continued improvement of farm management procedures. The results have been better returns from the farms while at the same time conserving the land for future generations..

A crop planning system has been developed that has proven to be a very useful tool. A crop plan and budget are prepared each winter by the farm management advisor and the farm operator and it is the guide that is used throughout the growing season.

In 1982, the company began computerizing its records. The computer system provides our clients with detailed Farm Production, Income and Expense Reports for each farm. The reports follow the crop from the planning stage until it has been harvested and sold. It also provides annual reports listing all information necessary for filing income tax returns.

Fairland Management Company takes pride in the quality of the services provided to clients. We strive to attain the goals and objectives of the clients. Our management procedures have been developed over many years and have proven successful. We have maintained an office in Windom since 1922 and plan on serving our area for many years to come.

If you would like some more information about how we can assist you in the management or sale of your land investment, please e-mail us at fairland@fairlandmgmt.com or call collect at 507-831-2808.

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